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Pick-Up, Courier, Freight, and Mail Order Shipping Services

How would you like to get plants from Phoenix Perennials?

In-Nursery Shopping: Nurseries and garden centres are an essential service in British Columbia. We are open for our normal hours of 10am-5pm seven days a week. Please be advised that to remain open we must adhere to all provincial guidelines for social distancing and safe shopping. By-law inspectors may be visiting retailers to ensure these rules are being followed which could result in fines or closure if staff or our customers do not behave accordingly. We are and will continue to adjust and re-configure the nursery for safe shopping and require that all visitors follow all posted rules. Additionally, we may need to limit the number of customers in the nursery at any given time so entrance lines are a possibility. Please try to visit during quieter times such as weekdays and Sunday mornings. Please refer to our Covid-19 updates and its guidelines for visiting the nursery.

Pick-Up: Pick-up is available for all pre-orders and for orders placed through our mail order system by regional customers. You can also pick-up special orders arranged by phone or email and paid in advance. During the busy season we will have a pick-up station in the parking lot away from our office and cash building.

Courier and Freight: We are pleased to offer courier services throughout Metro Vancouver and freight services to the Fraser Valley, Vancouver Island, the Sunshine Coast, the Sea to Sky Corridor, the Okanagan, and into northern BC. Local courier services are for packages/flats that are under 2x2x2 feet in dimension and under 25 lbs in weight. A flat of plants fits within these size and weight limits as long as the plants (including their pots) are under 2 feet in height. Our courier service is “same day”.  Your plants will be picked up in the morning and delivered to you by 5pm that same day. Freight services outside of Metro Vancouver are usually delivered the day after they are picked up.

Greater Vancouver Courier Service Destinations Courier Rate per Flat or Box*
Richmond $18
Vancouver, Delta $20
Burnaby, New Westminster, North Delta $24
North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Surrey, White Rock $27
Langley, Tsawwassen, Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge, UBC Campus, SFU Campus $32
Horseshoe Bay, Deep Cove $42
 BC Freight Service Destinations Estimated Freight Rate per Flat or Box*
Fraser Valley – Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Mission $34
Vancouver Island – Victoria, Nanaimo $50
Vancouver Island – Courtenay, Comox $58
Vancouver Island – Campbell River, Port Alberni $60
Sea to Sky – Squamish, Whistler $48
Sunshine Coast – Gibsons, Sechelt, Powell River $67*
Okanagan – Kelowna, Kamloops $50
Rest of BC Please enquire.

*Courier rates apply to a single flat or box that is a maximum of 2x2x2 feet in dimension and up to 25 lbs in weight. Multiple flats/boxes can be sent together with the rate multiplied by the number of boxes. Rates do not include GST. The posted rates for Greater Vancouver destinations are the rates that will be charged for these destinations. They are subject to change at any time with notice given by updating the above table. Posted rates for cities outside Greater Vancouver are estimated rates and will be confirmed for your exact address when we arrange your shipment. Any rate may vary from the posted rates based on your specific delivery location and your order. If extra packing time or special materials are required to ensure the safety of your particular plants, a small additional charge may be applied to cover our costs. Sunshine Coast packages require pick-up at the local depots in Gibsons, Sechelt, or Powell River.

Larger Shipments: Larger orders that cannot be accommodated by our courier service can be shipped by freight to anywhere in Greater Vancouver and throughout BC. Please enquire.

Nanaimo to Campbell River/Quadra Island Corridor: Audrey at Ferry Godmother Delivery runs regular trips from Quadra Island to Metro Vancouver and back. She can collect your plants from us and meet you at scheduled meetups along her delivery corridor. Her base cost is $30 for a meetup and can provide home delivery for an extra fee. She can quote on rates for larger shipments. If you would like to use her services, please order your plants through us and let us know that Ferry Godmother will be picking up. We’ll let you know when your plants will be ready and then you can contact Audrey to make arrangements for her to pick up from us on her next trip into the big city.

Mail Order (Canada Post): Orders can be placed in our Mail Order system for shipping with Canada Post. We can also ship most pre-orders. Some pre-orders or mail orders for Greater Vancouver or regional BC destinations may ship by courier if it is cheaper and/or better for the health of the plants.

What type of customer are you?

To help us better serve you and manage the various needs of our different customers, please identify which type of customer you are and our recommendations for how to best use our services.

Local: Local customers are those that can easily visit in person. We encourage you to visit in person as often as you like and take advantage of our full selection of over 5000 different plants a year. You are also welcome to place online orders for our various Pre-Orders such as our Great Citrus Pre-Order, the Clematis Conundrum, the Hydrangea Hysteria, the Great Rose Pre-Order, the Grafted Veggie Pre-Order, and more. You are also welcome to place online orders for pick-up in our Mail Order system which includes about 1500 plants a year. However, it is important to understand how this service works. We do not necessarily pull orders right away. For maximum efficiency, pick-up orders are assembled in weekly or bi-weekly cycles. Orders also might not be ready right away because some of the plants in your order are still growing and not ready yet. Orders are only pulled once your order is complete. It is fine to place mixed orders but if your plants fall into different groups, you could get your plants more quickly and as they come ready if you place separate orders. You would just need to meet the minimum of $40 per order. For instance, you might want lupins, Echinacea, and some succulents. You could place three separate orders for each group and we would contact you in early May for lupins, late May for Echinacea, and June for succulents. Again, if your order is more varied than this it is perfectly fine to place one mixed order. Another option is to email us and let us know the plants you are after. We can add you to the Wish List and let you know when they are ready. Then you can come in and shop for them.

Regional: Regional customers are those that might be able to visit the nursery once a year or a couple times a year often planning the timing of their trips to pick-up pre-orders or orders placed in our mail order system. This might also include customers who wish to mostly self-isolate during the Covid-19 crisis and wish to only come to the nursery when it is time to pick-up an order. We encourage you to place pre-orders and mail orders and to visit in person to pick-up when we notify you that your orders are ready. You can also take advantage of our courier, freight, and mail order options if this is more convenient for you.

Shipping Only: Shipping only customers are those that live too far away to visit the nursery. This might also include customers within Metro Vancouver with transportation or mobility issues who require shipping and customers who prefer to self-isolate during the Covid-19 crisis. Please feel free to place pre-orders and orders in our mail order system. We will send your plants using the method (courier, freight, Canada Post) that is cheapest and/or best for the plants.

Thank you for your interest in Phoenix Perennials.
We look forward to connecting you with our plants!