All About Hellebores

Hellebores are an incredible group of evergreen perennials for gardeners from zone 3 to zone 9. In warmer zones, they are winter and early spring-blooming plants providing colour from late November through April. In colder zones, they bloom in late winter and early spring as soon as the snow melts. In any zone they provide interest when most other plants are soundly dormant bringing forth the first major burst of colour for the season.

Like it, Love it

In Phoenix Perennials owner Gary Lewis's article in Fine Gardening Magazine, take 10 plants you've always liked and consider 10 exciting alternatives that you just might love.

Hardy Cyclamen

Cyclamen is a genus of plants known best for the florist cultivars of large, boldy-coloured flowers and dramatic mottled foliage grown as decorative, seasonal or short-lived pot plants. Many people remain unaware that there are species that are hardy in temperate gardens or that they are in leaf and in bloom in the fall, winter, and early spring!

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