The Great Rose Pre-Order 2022

For 2022 we have combined our David Austin and Select Roses pre-orders into one large pre-order that will include our full rose selection for 2022. We have also secured new growers that should ensure a more reliable supply of roses compared with 2021 and we have gained extra assurances from our old rose suppliers of a more secure supply going forward. We hope that from 2022 onwards we will not see the shortages and disappointment that we all experienced in 2021.

All that being said, roses remain in extremely high demand and will remain in tight supply for the next few years mostly due to Covid-related production issues combined with a resurgence of interest in roses. We recommend that you order right away to secure your plants. There is still the possibility of crop failures and shortages. Our roses will be allotted on a first come, first serve basis. The earlier you place your order, the more likely you will get all your roses should there be any unforeseen reductions to our volumes.

We are launching this pre-order in the summer with our main selection of roses. However, there will be additions of Weeks tree roses in the fall and more David Austin cultivars in fall or winter as our orders are confirmed by our suppliers. Make sure to subscribe to the Rose Alert to be the first to know when new roses are added!

How to Order: Study this page and its many offerings, write down your selections, and, when you are ready, click the “Place Your Order” link at the bottom of the page. A new window will open with the ordering page and an alphabetical list by cultivar name. Place your order using this form. You can refer back to the photos and descriptions in the other window still open on your computer.

Roses will be available for pre-order through fall and winter for pick-up or shipping in March and April 2022. We will contact you with exact dates. Full ordering and shipping details are below.

David Austin English Style Roses

David Austin roses are some of the most renowned and beloved roses in the world. Since the 1950s David Austin has been working to combine the beauty and romance of old roses with the performance of modern roses. More specifically his goal has been to bring together the flower forms and fragrance of old roses with the wider colour range and repeat-flowering of modern roses.

You need only look at the photographs and to grow your first David Austin rose to understand that these English roses are unique in the rose world. They will quickly grow into magnificent shrubs and climbers that will transform your garden with their old world charm, fragrance, and performance.

Characteristics of David Austin Roses:

  • Form: David Austin roses tend to grow as shapely shrubs with a bushy mounding or arching growth habit. The climbers are strong and vigorous usually with flowering down to the base.
  • Flowers: A wide range of colours with unique, cupped, old fashioned, multi-petaled blooms that change in colour beautifully as they age.
  • Fragrance: Renowned for their strong and diverse fragrances including old rose, tea, myrrh, fruit, and musk.
  • Repeat-flowering: Cultivars will repeat flower providing a long season of interest.
  • Design Potential: Highly versatile for different garden styles and uses including mixed flower beds, traditional rose borders, fragrant hedges, large pots and containers, for the cutting garden, and for large landscape plantings.
  • Health: Bred for vigour and garden performance with great disease resistance. Every cultivar is trialled under rigorous conditions for eight years before being introduced to the gardening public.

David Austin Roses from Phoenix Perennials

Our David Austin roses are grafted onto Dr Huey rootstock which is widely regarded as the best option for the Canadian climate. Hardiness is rated as zone 4 or 5, depending on the cultivar. For tricks on how to grow these roses in colder zones than their official rating read our article on “How to Grow David Austin Roses in Zone 3”.

More David Austin Roses Coming!

We will be adding more David Austin cultivars in the fall/winter as our shipments are confirmed. Subscribe to the Rose Alert to be the first to know when new roses are added!

English Style Roses by Other Breeders

David Austin is the most famous breeder of English style roses but other top international breeders also produce roses in the English style. These roses are just as beautiful, fragrant, and disease resistant as David Austins. Also, some cultivars offer colours and habits not found in the David Austin cultivars. These roses are all magnificent.