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The In-Nursery Design Service

The goal of our in-nursery design service is to help you develop a garden, balcony or patio space that reflects your personal tastes and lifestyle, while helping you avoid many of the pitfalls associated with garden design and plant selection.  At the end of this process, your garden space will be filled with plants that you love, in a manner that reflects you. Not only will you achieve a great design but you will also save hundreds, even thousands, of dollars compared with conventional design fees.

The design service is a collaborative process between you and one of our trained design professionals that takes place at our nursery. Our designers do not visit your site. Rather, they get to know your garden space through a detailed questionnaire, diagrams and images that you supply. The more preparation and thought you put into your project and the more specific the information and visuals that you provide, the better your finished garden space; and we want that space to be very beautiful indeed! Please note that because we do not visit your site we also do not design hardscape features such as pergolas, patios, and pathways. Your hardscape features should already be present.

Once your questionnaire and attachments are received by one of our designers, we will call you to make an appointment to meet at the nursery.  Prior to the meeting, your designer will spend an hour to
-      analyze your information, diagrams and images
-      formulate possible solutions and options
-      identify areas that need clarification or that may be problematic
-      synthesize your preferences with the site requirements to guide her in collecting a variety of suitable plant materials to present to you
-      sketch one or more design options for discussion.
This pre-meeting work ensures that the designer is fully cognizant of the scope of your project and can make more efficient use of the time you spend together at your appointment.

During your appointment, you and your designer will work together on all aspects of the design. She will measure out your garden space right on the ground of the nursery so that you can both get a real sense for the space you’re working with and better envision the design as it develops.  You’ll discuss various options and collaborate on the artful combination of plants for your space. By the end of the process, you’ll not only have a design but you’ll have chosen your plants and their locations will be noted on your garden diagram so you’ll know where to plant them. You will then head home and you (or someone you hire) will do the gardening work to plant your garden design. 

If you are consulting our design service about a large space, we recommend tackling one patio, balcony or bed (or small group of beds) at a time.  Of course, this means that more than one meeting may be required, but it will make the whole process more manageable for you and your designer. We also recommend limiting each session to one or two hours so that it’s not too overwhelming.

Prior to your appointment, we strongly suggest doing some research by visiting Phoenix Perennials to see our wide selection of perennials and specialty plants. You can also search our online database at and use our Perfect Plant Search to discover plants that you might want to use in your design.

On the day of your appointment, please dress for the weather and bring your camera to take pictures of your mocked-up garden design.

Design Service Fees
-      $90 for the first hour. This includes your first hour meeting with your designer and the one hour of preparation time your designer spent evaluating your project and preparing for your meeting. The hour of preparation time is charged just once at the start of your project.
-      $45 per hour for each additional hour.  Periods less than one hour are charged in half-hour increments of $22.50 each.

Download the Questionnaire -- PDF Format

If you have any questions, please call the nursery at 604-270-4133.

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