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Rose Pre-Order

We are very pleased to offer a new rose pre-order highlighting the amazing introductions and breeding work of our friend Brad Jalbert from Select Roses. His roses are bred in Langley, BC but are now grown around the world. It’s time that Brad and his roses became better known at home, especially in BC where his roses are perfectly in tune with our particular climate.

Select Roses introductions have undergone long term no-spray testing in adverse conditions. Their trial beds in Langley have heavy, wet, clay soils and receive limited sunlight with substantial disease pressures from surrounding fields and forest lands. The trial plants are over-wintered with no winter protection. Brad has carefully and ruthlessly selected only the best disease-free performers with the most beautiful flowers to introduce internationally. His roses have also been trialed in other climates around the world, particularly in eastern Canada, Europe, the US, South Africa, New Zealand, and Australia, where they have received rave reviews for their healthy, thick foliage, beautiful flowers, and ease of care. In recognition, Select Roses is the first Canadian rose grower to have enjoyed multiple international awards for the quality of Brad’s work.

We are very pleased to now bring these roses to you, a mix of hybrid teas, grandifloras, floribundas, shrub, and landscape roses along with a selection of other roses from top international breeders that Brad recommends enthusiastically. All of these roses will be hardy to at least zone 5b. With deeper planting, hilling up of soil in winter, protection from drying winter winds, and good snow cover, they could be hardy into colder zones. They are all #1 grade plants grown on hardy multiflora root stock right here in Canada and potted into a 3 gallon pot for the price of $49.99. They will be ready for pick-up, courier, or shipping from mid March 2021 onwards. Please pre-order in advance. We will contact you with exact dates in the spring.

Roses Bred by Brad Jalbert of Select Roses

These roses represent some of the best of Brad’s creations for unique colours, disease resistance, and garden performance.

Brad Recommends

These roses have been created by top international breeders. Brad recommends them as must-have roses with unique colours and excellent garden performance in coastal BC and beyond.

Don’t Forget Your Fertilizers

Good fertilizing is an integral component of good rose care and will help you achieve beautiful, healthy, floriferous roses. Brad recommends planting your new roses with Starter Food then following up with his Rose & Plant Food a bit later in the season once your new plants have established. For established rose bushes, apply Rose & Plant Food 2-3 times a year from spring to fall. You can also use it throughout the garden on all your garden plants.

Ordering, Pick-Up, and Shipping Details

Local Pick-Up Customers: Pick-up will begin in early to mid March. Roses will be provided potted in pots. We recommend planting as soon as possible for best establishment. Pre-orders are held for 4 weeks after which time your plants are returned to general inventory, a 25% restocking fee is deducted, and a credit note for the nursery is issued. No refunds are given.

Courier, Freight, and Mail Order Customers: We are making some changes this year to better serve our shipping customers, especially those in colder zones.

Shipping will take place from March through April as weather conditions are safe for shipping and about to be warm enough to plant. Roses can be planted as soon as the ground is workable in early spring.

For gardeners in zones 7 and 8 in coastal BC, your roses will be sent potted if your order is shipping courier or freight or bareroot if we are shipping via Canada Post.

If you live in a colder region from zones 3-6, it was challenging this past year to ship your roses bareroot before they came into full growth in our mild climate while still sending them to you at a time when you could take care of them during a very cold spring. It was also challenging for some of you to care for them once they arrived. For 2021 we will be potting your roses into the smallest pots we can based on the root volume of the plants. This will allow us to hold them for longer at our nursery until the weather looks good in your area to ship. The smaller pots will help minimize the weight and shipping costs while keeping your rose healthier in transit and once you receive it.

Our pre-orders are administered in a separate system from our mail order site which cannot quote exact shipping rates. We expect a shipment of 1-3 roses would cost about $30-$50 depending on how many roses you choose and how far you are from BC. Quite distant or very rural locations will cost at the upper end of the scale. Orders greater than 3 roses would cost incrementally more as weight and box sizes increase. Please note that we do not make money on shipping and charge only to cover our costs.

In order to streamline the shipping process for the upcoming season, all mail order customers will be asked to provide full address information and a shipping deposit of $50. Once your roses have shipped, we will either refund the remainder of your deposit if the shipping is less or send you a PayPal money request if the shipping is more. You can pay with a credit card or PayPal account. We expect that in most cases we will be refunding a portion of your deposit.

If you would like to place a second order, our system will recognize your email address and block you from doing so. You can use a different email address or use your only email address but change the last letters so that .com or .ca would become .xxx or .xx. Have fun!

Please note your rose selections and then click on the link to go to the ordering page.

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