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Guarantee and Return Policy

The Phoenix Perennials guarantee is based on our desire to have customers be successful with the plants they purchase from our nursery, balanced with the customer's responsibility to follow planting advice and care instructions for their plants. There is an onus on us to educate our customers but there is also an onus on the customer to educate themselves about the plants that they are buying either by asking us at the nursery, or through information on our website, on the internet or in books.

Overall Guarantee: We guarantee our plants to be healthy and true to name.

We guarantee our plants for three months* from time of purchase. If there is a problem with your plant at the time of purchase that problem will most likely manifest itself within the first three months after purchase. We will replace perennials, shrubs, vines and grasses up to three months from purchase with receipt if their demise seems potentially related to the original health of the plants when purchased or at least not directly attributable to conditions beyond our control. We are not obliged to replace a plant if conditions beyond our control seem likely to be the cause of their death such as extreme climatic or soil conditions, wildlife or other mechanical damage, or a lack of appropriate care. We do not guarantee plants over the winter since casualties are most likely due to weather than to the health of the plants when purchased.

*At Phoenix we carry many specialty and unusual plants of a more expert nature. These include arisaema, hardy ground orchids, meconopsis and other rare plants. The definition of an "expert plant" is at the sole discretion of the owner. By purchasing these plants the customer is expected to research and understand their cultivation. These plants may not be guaranteed.

If You Are Having a Problem with a Plant...

Should you have a concern about the health of a plant please contact us right away. The best course of action is to take a digital picture and email it to us. Cultural problems can often be corrected but they must be dealt with as early as possible. You must let us know within three months of the purchase of the plant if you are experiencing a problem. Beyond this point we assume that your plants are fine and that you are happy. We want you to have the best plants and we want you to be successful so please be in touch if you need our help and advice.

Return Policy

Plants may be returned up to seven days after purchase with receipt for a credit at the nursery. Cash or VISA/MC refunds will not be given. Plants must be in the same condition as when they were purchased or their return will not be accepted.

By purchasing plants at Phoenix Perennials the customer agrees to our Guarantees and Return Policy.

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