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Phoenix Perennials is proud to offer a diverse range of communication options filled with articles about plants and gardening, news of sales, special events and workshops, and lots of pretty pictures to suit your needs and interests. From our flagship twice monthly e-newsletter to our various, occasional, subject-based alerts, we've got you covered for learning about gardening and keeping up on all the exciting goings on at our nursery.

The Phoenix Perennials E-Newsletter is our flagship communication and a must-subscribe for avid gardeners. It will keep you up to date on everything happening at the nursery plus it contains at least one article about plants or gardening per issue and our popular "Fabulous at Phoenix" section highlighting the most exciting plants currently at the nursery.

The Email Alerts are subject-based and allow you to select your areas of interest and receive additional information on an occasional basis throughout the season. We only send out Alerts when we have something exciting to tell you.

Here is a list of our Alerts. You'll be able to subscribe to any number you wish:

Edible Alert -- This Alert will be sent occasionally to update you on all things Edible at Phoenix Perennials including heirloom and unusual veggies, herbs and fruit as well as special events like our Heirloom Tomato Fest.

Hot Plant Alert -- Sometimes the E-Newsletter doesn't come out often enough to highlight all of the hot and exciting plants at the nursery. This occasional Alert will keep you on the cutting edge of hot new plants and notable rarities.

Succulent Alert -- Succulents are hot and we have one of the largest and most diverse selections in Canada. Select this Alert for occasional updates on all things related to succulents and tillandsia.

Made in the Shade Alert -- At Phoenix Perennials we love our shade plants. This occasional Alert will highlight new and notable shady characters.

Hardy Subtropical Alert -- Do you love the tropical look and zonal denial? This occasional Alert will notify you when we have exciting hardy subtropicals and other exotic plants at the nursery.

Sales and Special Offers Alert -- If you like a deal then you'll want to sign up for this occasional email Alert to keep you up to date on sales, discounts, blue tag specials and other offers.

Native Plant Alert -- Do you love BC natives? This occasional Alert will let you know when native plants arrive at the nursery throughout the season as well as other info about BC natives.

Hellebore Alert -- This occasional Alert will keep you up to date on our Hellebore Hurrahs! as well as other hellebore related news such as new introductions throughout the season and special offers for hellebore afficionados.

Clematis and Cool Vines Alert -- If you're a fan of the Queen of the Vines or other climbing garden denizens then sign up for this Alert to find out about great garden plants that rise to every occasion.

Maple and Cool "Woodies" Alert -- If you love your maples and other cool trees and shrubs then you'll want to receive this occasional Alert about everything "woody" at Phoenix Perennials including special events, new arrivals and special offers.

Mail Order Alert -- If you live too far away to visit us regularly then you'll love this occasional alert on our mail order division including new plant updates and special offers. Currently we ship right across Canada but not internationally.

Christmas Alert -- Do you love Christmas? This occasional Alert will keep you up to date on festive happenings at Phoenix Perennials.

Fragrance Alert -- If sensational scents are your thing, sign up for this Alert on everything fragrant. You'll receive occasional emails when we have something exciting that you've got to know about fragrant plants.

Kids Alert -- Got kids? Do they love butterflies and bees, yummy veggies and cool flowers, fun workshops and cool crafts? You're a busy parent so let this Alert remind you when we have kid-related fun coming up at the nursery.

Rare Plant Alert -- Are you a sophisticated gardener? Always looking for the rare and unusual? This occasional Alert is for you! You'll be the first (and perhaps only) one to know about rare plants (often available only in small quantities) so you can get them first and satiate your plant lust.

Small Space Alert -- Do you garden on a balcony, patio or postage stamp backyard? Subscribe to this occasional Alert to learn about plants, pots, and other paraphernalia that would be perfect to maximize your small space.

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Do you have any other areas of interest not covered by these Alerts for which you would like us to create an Alert?
Let us know!

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Constant Contact All Star Award 2012-2016 -- Phoenix Perennials has been selected as one of the top 10% most successful companies that use Constant Contact due to our high levels of engagement between our customers and our digitial communications: our E-Newsletter and our Alerts.

Because such a high percentage of you, our loyal customers, read our E-Newsletter and Alerts, interact with their content and links and register for our workshops, Phoenix has been recognized with the All Star Award every year since 2012!



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