The Formosa Lady’s Slipper Orchid Pre-Order

We are pleased to offer a special opportunity to add an exquisite plant to your containers or garden beds: Cypripedium formosanum or the formosa lady’s slipper orchid. This stunning hardy orchid native to the mountains of Taiwan has large, inflated, pale pink pouches with white and pale pink petals with dark pink spots in April and May in coastal BC. The flowers last for a good three weeks. Plants are hardy to zone 6. In colder regions, they can be grown in pots and protected in winter.

In addition to the beauty of its flowers, formosa lady’s slipper has other unique and valuable qualities:

  1. It is the easiest of all Cypripedium to grow requiring no special care in average shade gardens. All you need is part shade (which can include morning or late evening sun) and evenly moist, well-drained soils in raised garden beds typical of most shade gardens or containers with a blend of potting mix and compost.
  2. Formosa lady’s slipper has highly ornamental foliage. The leaves are light green, fan-shaped, and pleated remaining attractive from spring until frost!
  3. It is a spreading ground cover. It will spread underground by long rhizomes forming open to dense colonies over time.
  4. It is vigorous. C. formosanum spreads at a fast rate. A single-eyed blooming size plant will become two to three eyes in the first year or two. Then, once established, the eyes will increase every year to five, eight, ten and more until you have large colonies of spectacular foliage and flowers.

This pre-order will most likely only be offered in 2021 so please take advantage. A single-eyed division is usually $89.99. For this pre-order we are pleased to offer:

  • One-eyed divisions for $59.99 each
  • Two-eyed divisions for $79.99 each
  • Three-eyed divisions for $99.99 each

Divisions are provided already potted up. Buy one plant as a special garden treasure or get multiple plants to establish a large colony right away!

A colony of Cypripedium formosanum in Gary’s garden.

The inflated pouches are a sight to behold in spring.

A colony in bud.

A colony coming into bloom with leaves still expanding along with Dicentra formosa, Pacific bleeding heart.

The same colony from the previous picture in full bloom with leaves fully expanded creating a unique ground cover for the rest of the season.

This large colony produces hundreds of flowers.

Spring sunlight illuminates a patch of formosa lady’s slippers in full bloom with leaves still emerging. All this could be yours!

Orders will be ready for pick-up or shipping in mid to late April. We will contact you with exact dates once the plants are ready. Thanks to the sturdiness of C. formosanum, they can be shipped or couriered in April when still dormant or as they emerge. If you need courier or shipping, please select the Shipping Deposit. For the safety of your lady’s slippers, we cannot combine shipments with any other plants.

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