The Essential Edibles Pre-Order

A One Stop Online Shop for 140 Different Veggies and Herbs

The Essential Edibles Pre-Order includes 140 classic & inspiring, top quality veggies & herbs for the 2020 season. Do your seasonal edible shopping online from the comfort & safety of your home with a one stop shop to reduce your number of outings and the time spent while out. When we contact you that your order is ready, come to pick up or have us courier to you.

With the challenges we face with the coronavirus we are looking for ways to keep our staff and customers safe while also providing you with all the plants you need to have an enjoyable and fulfilling season in the garden. The need for physical distancing will undoubtedly continue through the spring gardening season. Nurseries and garden centres have been designated as an essential service so we will remain open with various measures in place to maintain physical distancing and keep a sanitized nursery environment.

A major focus for gardeners beginning 3-4 weeks from now will be the edible gardening season when the nursery normally receives many shipments each week of veggies, herbs, and other edible plants. Gardeners will usually make multiple trips to the nursery to hunt for and stock up on their favourite edibles. We know that our edible tables are usually very busy with lots of browsing customers making shopping and physical distancing hard in this section of the nursery. To address your safety and convenience, we have created the Essential Edibles Pre-Order to help meet your edible gardening needs while keeping you safer and healthier.

  • Order online and at your leisure from the safety and comfort of your own home with time to research and study your diverse options.
  • Shop from a list that includes the majority of the veggies and herbs we’ll stock this edible season. Normally these plants arrive over a number of weeks and you’d have to visit the nursery multiple times to catch them all. We’ll collect your plants together as they arrive and notify you when your order is complete. Most orders will be ready for pick-up between May 1st and May 15th, though it all depends on your mix of plants. We’ll contact you as soon as your order is complete. (Please don’t contact us. We’ll contact you when it is time.)
  • Choose to pick up: If you place a pre-order and wish to pick up, you’ll reduce the amount of time spent out in public and your exposure to other people at the nursery. During peak season, we’ll have a special pick-up location in the parking lot. You can choose to pick-up and go. Or you can pick-up and then take a stroll around the nursery for more edibles or some ornamental plants. Either way you’ve reduced the amount of time spent in the nursery and out in public.
  • Or choose to have your order delivered by courier: Our new courier service costs just $18-$30 per flat or box depending on where you are in Greater Vancouver. For the ultimate in safe veggie and herb shopping, remain in the safety of your own home and have your new edibles come to you!
  • Once you have your edibles, you’ll be able to grow and harvest your own food, save money, and reduce your trips out into the world for fresh produce.

Here are some important details. Please read them in full:

  • The minimum order size is 6 pots. This pre-order represents a lot of administrative work for us so we must have a minimum.
  • The ordering period is short so please order as soon as possible. Don’t make us keep reminding you in digital communications. This pre-order will close as soon as shipments start coming in estimated to be April 20th. You have about 3 weeks to place your order.
  • Once you have placed your order, these plants will be reserved for you and brought in from our suppliers. We discourage cancellations out of respect for the service we are trying to provide for you in good faith. We do not give refunds for cancelled or reduced orders. Only credit notes will be given towards future purchases with notification given before the ordering period is over. Due to the short season for edibles, we do not accept cancellations of orders, reductions in orders, or substitutions once the ordering period is over. Also no credit notes will be given once ordering is closed or for cancelled orders or orders not picked up.
  • If you decide to place a second order, please note that our system will recognize your email address and not allow you to order again with the same email. You can use a second email address or the email address of another person in your household. Or you can register by changing the last letters in your email to the letter “x”. The ending “.com” would become “.xxx” and the ending “.ca” would become “.xx”.
  • If we have run out of a certain item, please let us know. We can likely increase our order and open up more availability.
  • Don’t forget to order your fertilizers. Veggies, in particular, are heavy feeders and your successful harvest will be dependent on good quality fertilizers applied on a regular basis as per the instructions on the container.
  • You can also place another order from the Grafted Veggies Pre-Order which includes Mighty Matos, Mighty Melons, Mighty Veggies, and Ketchup ‘n Fries plus sweet potatoes. These grafted veggies are particularly good for small spaces as they produce at least 2-3 times more fruit per plant than non-grafted plants. Go to our Grafted Veggie Pre-Order.
  • We will notify you by email when your order is ready for pick-up. Please pick up within 7 days as edible plants grow quickly and need to be planted as soon as possible. We cannot hold orders beyond two weeks. After two weeks your plants will be returned to general inventory and no refund or credit will be given since these are time sensitive and often perishable plants.
  • We are not offering Canada Post shipping on this pre-order, just pick-up or courier service as we will not have the time for the careful packing required for shipping by post.
  • We will likely have other edibles not on the official pre-order list. You can enquire by phone or email or leave a note for us on your order with a list of the other edibles you’re looking for.
  • Original Sea Soil compost and Sea Soil potting mix are available for pick-up at the nursery. We can also arrange courier service but we would have to quote you on this cost.
  • Ordering Instructions:
    • Fill in your contact info and your preference for pick-up or courier service. If you choose courier service, please select the courier deposit at the top of the list of items.
    • We are not able to provide photos of the edibles. In many cases the descriptions will be enough. You can also open a second browser window and have it side by side with the ordering page. Then you can use Google to search for images and more information on your edibles of interest.
    • Enter the number of pots you would like of each plant. Once you’ve typed the number in the box, click on an area outside of the box so that your selection is recorded. You can check that it has recorded properly by looking at the summary list of your order at the bottom of the page.
    • At the end of selecting your plants, if you haven’t found everything you are looking for, leave a note for us in the box at the top of page. We will have other edibles in stock and might have what you’re looking for.
    • When you are ready to check out, click on the Register button at the bottom of the page. You will be taken to a PayPal page. This is one of the safest payment gateways on the internet. You have two options: pay with a PayPal account if you have one or wish to create one or pay without a PayPal account using your Visa or Mastercard and PayPal will process the transaction for us. In this second case, PayPal will need your contact information for anti-fraud purposes to verify your credit card information with your billing address.
    • Some customers experience a problem with the ordering page which seems related to their cookie settings on their web browser. When they go to “Register” their order and pay, the page is returned to them with their contact information and selections lost. We are sorry about this. We recommend jotting down your selections before clicking Register or taking a screen shot or a photo of the screen before proceeding. If you click Register and are returned to the ordering page and no PayPal window pops up, make sure to fill in your contact info again and make sure all of your edible selections are still there. The second time you click Register it always seems to work.┬áIf you haven’t been taken to a payment page and you have received a confirmation with no plants listed, then your order has not worked. Please contact us.

That’s it! It’s time to have fun and choose your veggies and herbs for the best edible gardening season ever!

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