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If Canadians are growing citrus, then why not avocados?

By special request from some of our avid subtropical fruit-growing customers we bring you an avocado pre-order with a selection of cold tolerant cultivars.

To be honest, few people in the Great White North have tried to grow and fruit avocado. Information is scarce. However, for all of you who have grown an avocado from an avocado pit held over water with toothpicks, you know they can make beautiful and easy houseplants. So think of growing your own avocados as a fun experiment that will give you a cool and unique plant for your summer patio that becomes a houseplant or greenhouse plant in winter. You might even get some fruit for your avocado toast!

We are offering a selection of “cold tolerant” avocado some of which can take temperatures down to -7o C (20o F). They are unlikely to be hardy outdoors anywhere in Canada but these varieties will be easier to care for. They can take some frost in the shoulder seasons of spring and fall and they will require less heat in the winter if you’re growing them in a greenhouse. Additionally, ‘Gwen’, though the least hardy of our offerings, is easy to keep as a small tree that might better fit in the house or greenhouse and ‘Pinkerton’ is known to begin fruiting on relatively young plants.

Avocados (Persea americana) have perfect flowers with both male and female parts. All plants can produce fruit. However, they are divided into types A and B based on the timing of fertility of each flower when it is in bloom. In California, avocados are considered self-fruitful since you can get pollination and fruit on a single tree. However, even in California you will get more fruit if you have both a type A and B to pollinate each other. In this case you can get fruit on both trees. In colder climates, it is recommended to have both types if you would like to get fruit.

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Here are the varieties available:

A Type Avocados


  • Gwen naturally grows about 15 feet in height, but can be kept even smaller as the tree lends itself easily to pruning since it has small limbs.
  • Fruit is similar to the Hass variety, but slightly larger.
  • Oval and plump with thick green skins that have a pebbled texture and turn dull green when the fruit is fully ripe.
  • Creamy gold-green flesh around a small to medium seed.
  • Medium to large fruit with nutty, buttery flavour.
  • Keep above 0o C (32o F).
  • A Type

‘Mexicola Grande’

  • Easy to peel, paper-thin skin and creamy flavour.
  • Ripens from late summer through mid-winter.
  • Cold hardy to -7o C (20o F).
  • A Type


  • Green fruit with medium pebbly skin and great flavour
  • Heavy, early producer on young plants.
  • Fruit size 14-16 oz.
  • Ripens November -April.
  • Medium spreading tree
  • Cold hardy to -2o C (28o F).
  • A Type


  • This fruit has excellent flavor.
  • It produces some of the largest fruit of all the avocados.
  • Large, green, round fruit.
  • Fruit size 12-18 oz.
  • Late fruit season
  • Medium upright tree.
  • Keep above 0o C (32o F).
  • A Type


  • One of the most cold hardy varieties, this Mexican avocado grows pear-shaped fruit with smooth, thin, dark skin.
  • Fruit size 6-10 oz.
  • Nutty flavour.
  • Spreading, strong tree with tree
  • Cold hardy to -7o C (20o F).
  • A Type


B Type Avocados


  • Tasty green fruit with medium-thin skin.
  • Fruit size 10-12 oz.
  • Ripens December – January.
  • Medium upright tree.
  • Cold hardy to -3 to -5o C (23-26o F).
  • B Type

‘Jim Bacon’

  • Similar to Bacon Avocado.
  • Tasty green fruit with medium-thin skin.
  • Fruit size 10-12 oz.
  • Medium upright tree.
  • Ripens December – January.
  • Cold hardy to -3o C (26o F).
  • B Type


  • Good variety in relatively low temperatures.
  • Green fruit, medium-thin skin.
  • Fruit size 10-12 oz.
  • Ripens November – January.
  • Upright tree.
  • Used as a pollinator for Hass Avocado in orchard settings.
  • Cold hardy to -3 to -4o C (25-26o F).
  • B Type

Our avocado plants will be 2-3 feet tall with good branching in 5x5x12 inch pots and cost $74.99 each. They will look like the avocados in the picture at right. They will be ready for pick-up, courier, or shipping in early to mid May. Due to the height and volume required, it will be somewhat costly to ship these plants. We will not know the exact cost until we ship but $40-$60 depending on where you are in Canada would be expected. If you would like shipping, we will ask you to pay a $50 shipping deposit. We will refund any remaining amount or ask you to pay a little bit more if your shipping costs more.

The avocados will arrive at the same time as and can ship with citrus from our Great Citrus Pre-Order in mid to late May. If you would like shipping, and have already paid a $50 shipping deposit for citrus, we will require you to pay another shipping deposit for the avocados since we expect most shipments combining citrus and avocados are going to cost more than $50 because of the weight and, especially, the volume of the box required.

Avocado Plant

Once you have noted which varieties you would like, click the link to place your order.

Ordering Instructions:

    • Fill in your contact info.
    • Enter the number of pots you would like of each plant. Once you’ve typed the number in the box, click on an area outside of the box so that your selection is recorded. You can check that it has recorded properly by looking at the summary list of your order at the bottom of the page.
    • When you are ready to check out, click on the Register button at the bottom of the page. You will be taken to a PayPal page. This is one of the safest payment gateways on the internet. You have two options: pay with a PayPal account if you have one or wish to create one or pay without a PayPal account using your Visa or Mastercard and PayPal will process the transaction for us. In this second case, PayPal will need your contact information for anti-fraud purposes to verify your credit card information with your billing address.
    • Some customers experience a problem with the ordering page which seems related to their cookie settings on their web browser. When they go to “Register” their order and pay, the page is returned to them with their contact information and selections lost. We are sorry about this. We recommend jotting down your selections before clicking Register or taking a screen shot or a photo of the screen before proceeding. If you click Register and are returned to the ordering page and no PayPal window pops up, make sure to fill in your contact info again and make sure all of your edible selections are still there. The second time you click Register it always seems to work. If you haven’t been taken to a payment page and you have received a confirmation with no plants listed, then your order has not worked. Please contact us.

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