Fabulous Foxtail Lilies

Few bulbs can create the kind of drama that foxtail lilies offer with their rockets of lily-like flowers reaching three, four, five, six, even eight feet high, depending on the species and cultivar you choose. Learn more about the amazing Eremurus!

Camas Lilies

Camassia or camas lilies are western North American native bulbs that occur from southern British Columbia to California and inland into the western mountains. They form spikes typically one to three feet tall of starry, lily-like flowers in white and various shades of blue. Learn more about these native beauties.

Luscious Lilies

Lilies offer beauty and fragrance and a succession of blooms from spring until late summer. They can also be inserted into small spaces between other plants to add a whole extra layer of colour into the garden.

Beautiful, Dependable Daffodils

Next to tulips, daffodils are probably the second most beloved of the spring bulbs, the proverbial runner up in spring's popularity contest. They don't have the broad colour range of the tulips but they are beautiful and dependable coming back year after year with ever expanding clumps. Explore the surprising diversity of the humble daffodil.

Summer Spice Perennial Hibiscus

The Summer Spice perennial hibiscus are making waves with their new colour breaks including shades of blue! These relatives of the tropical hibiscus can be grown by most Canadian gardeners and have the largest flowers in the mallow family, typically 8-10 inches wide!

Poisonous Plants for Pets

There are many plants in our gardens that should not be eaten and that are potentially poisonous to pets and humans. Though they do not present a great danger, it's good to be aware of them so that your time spent in your garden or in parks with your furry friends can be safe and carefree.

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